Volunteers Needed!!

Boys who age out of the foster system and are never adopted end up in prison at a rate of 64% (verses just 9% for those who are adopted).  Girls who age out of the system and aren’t adopted end up on public assistance at a rate of 68% (verses just 7% for those who are adopted).  In some states 80% of the inmates in state prisons are former foster children.  We need to work together to change these stats.  We need to let  foster children know that they matter to God and to us.


Here are many some things you can do to have incredible lifelong impact on these young peoples lives:

1) Provide “Respite Care” - taking care of foster kids while the foster family is on vacation for a week or two.

2) Supply “Wrap Around Care” -  A group of people supporting the foster family by providing things like baby sitting, emotional support, a relational network, and spiritual guidance.

3) Be a mentors, officially known as "Guardians Ad Litem" for foster children.  These mentors are screened, trained, and recognized by the state so that they can advocate for the child in court.  

4) Throw birthday parties for foster teens.

5) Lead crafts and games on a regular basis for foster children.

6) Help lead children’s Sabbath school at CCF so that there are quality programs in place should any foster families choose to attend our church. 

7) Join us on December 8th at Adventure Landing as we through a party for foster chilren!


Come Serve With Us

Thanks for Volunteering!